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What is a set top box?

A set top box (STB) is a device that connects to a TV at the user’s premises that receives unencrypted subscribed channels through an addressable system for viewing encrypted channels.

How much does the set top box market make?

According to the Technavio’s market research analysts, the global set-top-box market will generate a revenue of nearly US$ 25 billion by 2022. Now more and more people are using set-top boxes.

The Advantages of set top box 

1) Number of channels increases to a great extent.

2) Currently watchable channels are upto 100-200, after digitization it will be between 400-700.

3) A huge improvement in picture quality when using set top box.

4) All sorts of disturbances will be lessened.

We got our set-top box in big sale

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Leadcool-Max: 2GB+16GB:$19.69 4GB+64GB:$30.35

Leadcool-mini: 2GB+16GB:$17.26

Leadcool:1GB+8GB: $15.47 2GB+16GB:$18.05

X96-mini: 1GB+8GB: $16.33 2GB+16GB:$19.42

No tax from French warehouse to Frence

(shipping cost depends on quntity and country)

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