The bigest Black Friday iptv sales are coming!

Today is our 11/11 shopping carnival in China!
11/11 Shopping Carnival refers to China’s online sales promotion day on November 11 each year, which is also equivalent to Black Friday in the United States. The discounts offered on this day are greater than on any day of the year.
First of all, in order to give back to our customers, Before the 28th of this month, as long as the purchase of 20 dollars is over, 2 dollars will be deducted.

Here is a little hint about how to use Coupon Code

  1. add your favourite product in yur cart, get in the cart
  2. refer to the picture below, type the coupon code: CP10191004
  3. check the amount, and to checkout.

In addition, we have a huge discount promotion to welcome this grand festival.
Reseller can participate in this activity.

The specific promotion are as follows:

The discount would be:
10pcs get 1pcs for free
20pcs get 3pcs for free
50pcs get 6pcs for free
100pcs get 12pcs for free

For example, buy 10pcs qhdtv
usd160 get 11pcs almost usd 14.55 per year!
the more you buy, the more cheaper cost you could get.

Don’t miss this prmotion~!!

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