How to download Lxtream player

What is a Lxtream player? APP can use on android device and can compatible with different IPTV like QHDTV, SUBTV, IUDTV, DATOO ECT. Google recently remove “Lxtream player” from the shelf so how to download it again? So easy! First, Open broswer then type this link to download: Click enter you can download it.

How to use QHDTV

It’s simple to use QHDTV in an android device. First, go to google playstore then search ”Lxtream player“. If you don’t have Google account or playstore, you can download the below link directly: Download and install, then type the QHDTV code number inside. Select the declaration and click login. You can enjoy the channels! 1.How to find the channel in list? After login, you […]