For QHDTV Reseller-The Panel Has Been Upgraded And New Features Have Been Added

New Panel URL: 1. The panel uses the points to create codes in the future. The resellers can better to manage the codes. points can create 12 months, 6 months and 3 months codes. 12 months = 1 points, 6 months = 0.6 points, 3 month = 0.4 points (12 months code is more cost-effective) 2. Add ticket function. You can directly report your feedback and requirements […]


Leadcool Q1404 TV Box — Rockchip RK3229, Cortex A7  Quad-Core, No flashback. — Android 8.1 System allows users to customize freely and has rich software resources, it is very convenient. — 1080P Video decoding, Increase efficiency, save bandwidth or storage space, Smooth playback full video. — 1G/2G RAM+8G/16G ROM, Install software, store photos, video, music, the program runs smoothly. — Support WiFi,connect to the wireless […]