Please check whether your account is used on other devices.If yes, please visit by using a computer, and find your IP Address, next send your IP Address to us for restoration. Please note that 1 subscription can only be used on 1 device at the same time, otherwise your account would be banned soon because of automatic security defense.(only SUBTV and BFNEWLY can use […]


We strive to provide you with a high level of service at very discounted rates. So please keep this in mind first and foremost.If a channel is down, we will do our best to restore that back to service.Please use the guidelines below before reporting a channel: – Stop and give it a couple of minutes. We reboot and swap channels when needed. The channel […]

May Shopping Festival

Activity Time: Now–May 20, 2021 QHDTV, SUBTV, DATOO, QHDTV+, IUDPROTV, Premio, WSTV. Buy More Get More: Buy 10 Get 1 Free, Buy 20 Get 2 Free, Buy 30 Get 3 Free, Buy 100 Get 10 Free… More than 100 codes, pls contact the seller for more gifts. QHDTV+ is New IPTV. You can contact us for a free 24-hour test.

Why is IPTV always better than satellite TV?

What is iptv and Satellite TV? Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. Satellite TV is a type of television programming that is wirelessly delivered to TV sets across the world […]

Why you shouldn’t use free IPTV service?

Do you want to get your hands on a new IPTV subscription? Then you will notice that two options are available for you to proceed with. Either you can get a free IPTV service or you can go for a paid one. It is tempting for you to get your hands on a free IPTV subscription. That’s because you don’t have to make a payment to [...]

Do you need IPTV Test?

Before you buy a new IPTV Subscription, you will come across the need to do an IPTV test. That’s because you have the need to get a better understanding about the quality of service that you receive along with the new subscription. Otherwise, you may end up with getting a service that doesn’t match with the expectations that you have in your mind. Different IPTV have [...]

What IPTV Can Work on Several Devices Same Time?

If you are looking for one IPTV subscription which can work on multiple devices same time. SUBTV may be a good choice. It can support on Android TV Box, IPTV smaters, MAG Box, Smart TV(LG, Samsung), Enigma2, Moblie, Tablet ect. SUBTV can support 3 devices same time even in different NETWORK IP address except for use on Mag device. What is SUBTV? Channel Quantity: 8,000+Live […]

Strong IPTV BFNEWLY IPTV- Europe, Arabic Channels

BENEWLY IPTV about 13400+ Live,21800+VOD,1900+Series. Main channels including: beIN SPORTS, Canal Sat, RMC SPORT, sky(UK,IT,DE) , C MORE, Viasat, HBO, FOX, Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, OSN, MBC. VIP Sports、Movies、Series、Kids Live; 1080P FHD Live&VOD;4K UHD Live&VOD; HEVC/H.265 Live;EPG/TV Guide;Catch Up; Stable Server/ Multi-screen/ Parental control Support device: OS: android, androidtv, iOS, Linux, Windows Devices: Android TV Box, MAG Box, Smart TV(LG, Samsung), Enigma2, Moblie, Tablet. App: IPTV Smarters Pro(android&iOS), […]

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