STARTRC for Osmo Pocket 2 Portable Power Battery Charger for DJI Pocket Handle Grip Charger

* Six Key Features: 3200mAh, Type C Port, Expanding functions, Unique technology, Fit the drone perfectly, Lightweight design.

* Why choose STARTRC power bank: Before use, When connecting phone to DJl Pocket, the Pocket 2 will charge your phone automatically. It will run of power of Pocket 2 quickly.After use, Connecting to the power bank will extend the use time, especially in your travel, you can enjoy the shooting for longer time. lt can also be an extended handle for Pocket 2, and bring your more comfortable hand-held experience.

* Simple and practical: Light weight design,easy to carry,charge your DJI Pocket 2 anywhere at any time when Pocket 2 is out of power.* 0nly 76g: Compact size design and comfort of Pocket 2.

* Lightweight design and easy to carry: Good quality,comfortable and elegant appearance.

* lncreasing about 200 minutes battery life: Meets more shooting demands perfect using experience.

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