new information about our ott+

Since our OTT + system is being updated, we are suspending the sales now.
We also have other IPTV for you to choose from, such as:
around 4700+Live/10000+VOD .
France Italy Full HD, Arabic, Portuguese, Belgium, Spanish
HEVC Full HD with Replay Channel (time Shift)
Subtv has around 4200+ channels, including French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Arabic, Ex-Yu, Albanian, Turkish, Greek, Indian, Sky Uk, Sweden, Netherlands channels and so on. and with10000+VOD.
Iud Pro:
Over 4000+ worldwide Live TV channels with local sources.

Provide the Most Europen Country Live Channel .Like France, Germany, Italy, Spasin, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and EX-YU Netherland Poland etc.

More information pls leave your message.

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