– Did you give us the correct MAC address?– Is your Internet speed at the recommended minimum— 8 Mbps for HD channels—or higher?– Is your device wired in (Ethernet) or is it connected wirelessly (WiFi or mobile data)? Ethernet will always be faster and more stable; use Ethernet, if you can.– Are your device’s specs powerful enough to effortlessly handle live HD streaming?– If you’re […]


Sometimes you may experience buffering due to low internet speed or high internet traffic. Cause:The most common cause of buffering is the result of slow internet connection. This may be because of low internet speed or other users hogging the bandwidth in your house. Do you have lots of users in your home? Disconnect them all and try again.The second reason is that you are […]

X96 MAX Plus Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core Android TV Box

About X96 MAX Plus Set Top Box — Rockchip Amlogic S905X3, Cortex™ Quad-Core, No flashback, Super Video capabilities. — Android 9.0 System allows users to customize freely and has rich software resources, it is very convenient. — 1080P Video decoding, Increase efficiency, save bandwidth or storage space, Smooth playback full video. — 4G RAM+64G ROM, Install software, store photos, video, music, the program runs more […]

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Top3 Best suitable TV-Box

TV-Box, also known as Android Box or Smart TV Box, is increasingly in demand. In fact, these small, not very expensive devices can turn your TV into a Smart TV. Your television will become a mini computer connected to the internet. Here you have the ranking of the best Android TV Box of the moment, complemented by our tests and opinions on each of them. […]

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