QHDTV 8th Anniversary Celebration: Exciting New Features Await!

Join us in celebrating QHDTV’s 8th anniversary! We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version, packed with incredible new features that will enhance your IPTV experience like never before. Get ready for an upgraded level of security, convenience, and entertainment! QHDTV 8th Anniversary Celebration Big Sales offer:10-49credits $13 (normal $18)50-99credits $12 (normal $17)100 credits+ $11 (normal $16)Notice: 1 year=1 credit Here’s a […]

How to download Lxtream player

What is a Lxtream player? APP can use on android device and can compatible with different IPTV like QHDTV, SUBTV, IUDTV, DATOO ECT. Google recently remove “Lxtream player” from the shelf so how to download it again? So easy! First, Open broswer then type this link to download: https://www.leadcool.net/download/lxtream.apk Click enter you can download it.

Fire destroys servers at French data company OVHcloud

PARIS (Reuters) – A fire tore through a data complex housing servers run by cloud computing company OVHcloud in Strasbourg, eastern France, on Wednesday, destroying some units and forcing the temporary shutdown of others, the company’s chief executive said. OVHcloud, which on Monday had launched the process for a potential IPO, urged clients to activate their disaster recovery plans. “Fire destroyed SBG2. A part of […]

QHDTV added channels

bein premium ajouterbein xtra 12alkass 1 -8canal+ Ligue 1 2

QHDTV updated channels

qhdtv Live channels increase the Italian channels and adds some popular channels likeDAZN eleven sky sports. sky Sports . The channel data has been updated. After the update, the number of LIVE Channels is 2421 channels.

Why you shouldn’t use free IPTV service?

Do you want to get your hands on a new IPTV subscription? Then you will notice that two options are available for you to proceed with. Either you can get a free IPTV service or you can go for a paid one. It is tempting for you to get your hands on a free IPTV subscription. That’s because you don’t have to make a payment to [...]

IPTV Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we will providing you with a list of IPTV Frequently asked Questions and clear answers to these questions, we assure you that you will find the most popular IPTV service questions and answers. Let’s start   What is the Internet Protocol TV (IP TV)? Internet Protocol TV (IP TV) allows you to watch Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows directly to [...]

Do you need IPTV Test?

Before you buy a new IPTV Subscription, you will come across the need to do an IPTV test. That’s because you have the need to get a better understanding about the quality of service that you receive along with the new subscription. Otherwise, you may end up with getting a service that doesn’t match with the expectations that you have in your mind. Different IPTV have [...]

What IPTV Can Work on Several Devices Same Time?

If you are looking for one IPTV subscription which can work on multiple devices same time. SUBTV may be a good choice. It can support on Android TV Box, IPTV smaters, MAG Box, Smart TV(LG, Samsung), Enigma2, Moblie, Tablet ect. SUBTV can support 3 devices same time even in different NETWORK IP address except for use on Mag device. What is SUBTV? Channel Quantity: 8,000+Live […]

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