A new version of the best QHDTV Premium

As our brand, QHDTV has been sold for many years and has gained a good reputation, but we are now launching an upgraded version of qhd premium.

Channels: Live: 3000+/VOD: 20000+

APK: QHDTV premium APK.

Feature: there are three mode for you to chose:

  1. Adult 2. Child 3.Common

These three modes are that you can freely choose the mode you want to watch TV, whether it is children or normal mode, there will be a password.

if you are interested, pls contact us to get a test pls.

There Are 2 Comments

  • Majdi

    07 Feb, 2022

    I have QHDTV premium. Most of live channels are working well. But VOD series & VOD films are not working. Please help.
    Thank you for your cooperation and support.

    • Aimme Zhenng

      12 Feb, 2022

      pls wait for our engineer fixing it.

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